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ABOUT the C-STEM lending library

Catholic STEM Lending Library is brought to you through a partnership between the Catholic Schools Center of Excellence (CSCOE) and the University of St. Thomas School of Engineering.

We believe that teaching STEM in our schools equips students with an understanding of the increasingly complex world in which they live. STEM proficiency is as important today as being able to read and write, and we seek to boost the resources of our Catholic grade schools through this Lending Library.

School of Engineering, University of St. Thomas

The University of St. Thomas is a nationally recognized leader for innovation in undergraduate engineering. Our work reflects the technical vitality and entrepreneurial spirit of the businesses and ventures that thrive in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul region. We hold the mission of the University to advance the common good as our central pillar. 


As part of the largest private university in Minnesota, the School of Engineering comprises nearly 15% of the campus population. 


For more information about SOE/UST, visit the website.


The Catholic Schools Center of Excellence (CSCOE) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to walk with our 79 Catholic  elementary schools on the path to excellence in all things.


Our approach is to share innovative ideas, sound business practices, proven strategies and financial resources to help meet each school’s specific business, academic and spiritual goals. Our goal is to help today's children become tomorrow's leaders.


For more information about CSCOE, please check out our website,


Martin Andreas Nowak

Martin Andreas Nowak (1965-present) is a Professor of Biology and of Mathematics at Harvard University and has published over 300 scientific articles and books. Nowak is a Roman Catholic who works with the Templeton Foundation on the connection between faith and science. According to Nowak, "Science and religion are two essential components in the search for truth. Denying either is a barren approach."


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